What “Revolutionary choice with tea tasting”means.

Fine tea have bitter taste, sweetness and fragrant aroma.
We reproduced this ordinary flavor with pot brewed tea as a tea bag.
We not only quench thirst but also your heart.
We always focus on “Serious” and “Easiest”
“Revolutionary choice with tea tasting” brings you .
By all means, would you try these teas.

First of all, would you start with “Omotenashi” series.

We make tea bag with actual tea leaves as itself, also committed materials and look of tea bag makes leaves softly blooming, and it extracts bitter taste and flavor and sweetness with harmonized balance.

Also it is easy to control the brew, therefore you can enjoy excellent tea easily.

Green tea

Also it’s called “Gyokuro”.
A very rare variety “Asatuyu” is used.

Roasted green tea

Roasted stem green tea is made from twig tea ; that has sweet taste, Also it has clear taste with no odds.

Japanese black tea

Black tea made with Japanese green tea leaves. It has natural sweet flavor.

You can enjoy especially tea leaves with “Revolutionary choice with tea tasting”.