How to make delicious tea

How to make delicious tea

Well balance to make Japanese tea

Japanese Tea is balanced with fragrance, flavor, bitter taste, astringency as well.
Also fragrance and taste have difference with locality and race.
With bringing out the facilities, to taste better.
In time to enjoy fragrance, or taste flavor, or to enjoy fresh green with eyes, Depending on the mood, you can select the match taste of tea.

How to brew green tea

Green Tea is charactered with fresh scent, flavor, sweetness and astringency.
Suitable temperature is 70degree with higher green Tea, and 80-90 for middle grade.
To brew second crop better, there should be no 1st crop left in the pot.

difference between high grade and middle

You may wonder what’s the difference, labeled with [Higher Green Tea] or [Middle].
This grade is divided with not only price but also picking time. Ingredient amount of tea is depended on picking time, as below.
Green tea that picked in early period, contains match amino acid, is called higher green tea.
The middle grade green tea is picked later than higher grade, and includes bitter taste, Also contains astringency, these are the catechin itself.

To brew coarse tea and toasted tea

You can enjoy the toasted tea with thin flavor and fragrance, would be brewed with boiling water, Then 30sec. later, pour on thick mugs.

what’s the meaning with toasted?

Toasted tea’s naming is based on roasting method, To extract water or grill leaves.
Just like the name toasted tea, green tea or coarse tea is roasted with high temperature.
The toasted tea is very different in color and fragrance from green tea, But any other special material is used.

How to brew refined green tea “Gyokuro”

Gentle flavor and rich taste with refined green tea.
To taste special flavor, you should use hot water with once boiled and cool down to 50-60 deg.
Then brew slowly, temperature and slow method is very important.
Also you can use more high temperature with second crop, to enjoy another flavor.

Refined green tea have special flavor?

The refined green tea contains plenty of L-Theanine.
To taste special flavor, you should use hot water with once boiled and cool down to 50-60 deg.
Then brew slowly, to bring out L-Theanine.
Therefore, some says “It’s just like Japanese soup”.
Please try various flavor and fragrance of green tea.

How to brew water brewed tea

With filter in bottle

You can use 1g leaf to 100cc water in a bottle, then shake bottle to stir. More cool sensation comes with cooling down in refrigerator.

Cool tea calms down bitter taste and astringency?

The water brewed tea keeps “L-Theanine” and “Vitamin-C”, with long time extracting and rapid cooling.
Therefore, bitter taste and astringency are calmed down.
Also the water brewed tea contains epigallocathechin ; that activate “Macrophage” the immune cell.
We can find results of research above.

Storaging method with tea

The most suitable method is at room temperature

Tea is easily go change in quality, damaged with oxygen, humidity, temperature and light. Kindly handle the delicate food.
More ever, it easily absorb odor. To avoid those trouble, kindly keep in cool and dark place with sealed package.
At tea producing center, tea farmer keep leaves in refrigerator with -20-40 degree.

In case you’ve got a lot of teas, it’s better to subdivide each 10days volume.
Also you’d better pack remaining teas into sealed cans, and cover with poly bags To put in refrigerator. This will avoid from odor and humidity.
The suitable temperature is from 5-10 degree, therefore you’d better keep leaves in refrigerator.
But to keep away from condensation, kindly wait package temperature will return to room temperature before using the cool down leaves.