Would you like some tea?

We have large selection from genuine tea leaf,
or to tea bag “easily enjoy tempting tea”,
Such as “taste” “color” “fragrance” “look”.


The traditional taste ; one and only flavor with selected high-quality leaves.

Home roasted barley tea

Commitment brick built steel furnace with sand roast method, That brings you rich fragrance and flavor.

Fixed price tea sale
with all you can stuff

It’s delicious, convenient, and beneficial with 5 types.

Revolutionary choice with tea tasting for an expert tea taster.

In quest of original tea flavor, we finally recreated with tea bags.

Ocha-Café Goods

To direct “Ocha-Café”with your favorite goods.
Easy set for “Ocha-Café”

Gift set

Special tea gift set for precious one.

“Kaiun Syo-Huku Cha”
“A good luck Tea for better fortune”

“To taste good luck”, Shaman prayed for this special tea with gold powder, and powdered teas.

Standard tea

Standard tea for home use, foundation with Isashi-En Tea series.

Life with tea

Selected items and tea utilized products.