About “Isashi-Tea Production”

About “Isashi-Tea Production”

After the WW-2nd, we started to buy tea leaf from the founder’s parent’s home: Kikugwa Also started to peddle at Toyokawa-city; Aichi-pref.
From the beginning, we were to focus on customer’s favor and needs, And to provide the tea with your rejoice Before long, we had small shop at Ichida-cho; Toyokawa-city, Then we installed tea products machine and big refrigerator.
Finally we started to make tea with our self, to fit consumer’s needs.
Recently, we always making studies for good taste leaf with tea bags, and else, We are to focus on providing tea with your rejoice.

Isashi Tea products

We work flexibly with several products and small lot of orders, With our proposal ability to connect consumer and venders.

  • Japanese tea’s instructor and adviser are used to on the roll.
    They have highly know-how with Japanese tea, And can propose better ways to provide teas.
  • We’ve renewed tea producing machines, Then we can work flexibly with several products and small lot of orders.
  • With very rare brick built; sand roast machine, we roast leafs with ourselves.
    No sooner we’ve got “Isashi-En’s barley tea” as confidence.

Isashi-En Brand

We deal Japanese tea with mainly made in Shizuoka-pref. to fit customer’s needs, Mainly with strong taste deep roasted tea, and also with strong fragrance light roasted tea blended.

Made in Japan “Barley Tea”.
We make barley tea with Ibaraki-pref. product’s barley.
Also we use “Sand Roast Technique”; very rare method in nowadays, It creates fresh nice smelling “Isashi-En Brand” image established.

In addition, we make health tea as well.
“Water served Aki Fuyu Bancha” contains much polysaccharide: healthy component.
Above “Water served Tea” brings us very good words.
Also we can serve with leaf packaging or tea bag that you can easily enjoy tempting Tea.

About Us

Company Name Isashi Seicha Co., Ltd.
Contents Tea products and deal
Established 1945
Est, of Company 1974
Address ZIP 442-0862
22-2, Ohmichi-shita, Ichida-cho, Toyokawa-city. Aichi-pref, Japan.
Tel +81 533-86-2273
E-mail isashien@aqua.ocn.ne.jp
Capital Stock 1,000,000jpy
Employees 13people
  • Completion of tea products machine set (daily output : 1ton )
  • Tea leaf dryer (rack type)
  • Drum type dryer, blending machine, Tea Bag processing machine 2sets, (daily output : 30,000packs )
  • Tetra type tea bag processing machine 2sets, (daily output : 50,000packs)
    Wrapping machine 2sets
  • Nitrogen filling wrapping machine, auto bag filler, seal applying device 2sets.
  • Barley tea roast machine (steel furnace with sand roast method / daily : 1ton)
    Barley tea crush machine

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