What barley tea is?

The barley tea is aromatic and untiring refreshed taste, and is brewed roasted barley.
Also it’s appreciated in summer as a cold drink.

The barley tea contains no caffeine (main difference from coffee, black tea or oolong tea) .
Therefore, it is been a fond drinking for “avoid caffeine age”

The manufacturing method from the beginning.

It is because of special aroma and flavor with barley tea, we use brick built steel furnace with sand roast machine for more 70years from the beginning.
We continue to create barley tea focused on aroma and flavor.

This roasting method needs difficult thermal management and also not suitable with large production, therefore, recently almost all tea maker doesn’t use this roasting method.
We are fussy about the roasting method to keep products as well.

Would you enjoy home roasted barley tea with aroma and flavor.

This brick built steel furnace with sand roast machine also affects “Ultra-red Ray effect”
To heat thoroughly inside, brings you roasted aroma and sweet flavor of barley.

With an expert judgement, we use special home-grown barley.
Also we pay attentions to roast temperature to match to grain size and also to weather.
We always put heart and soul into making.

Isashi-En “Home roasted Barley Tea” series