The third tea expert made “Isashi-Cha” Tea leaf and bottled Gift set made.

Easy to enjoy excellent Japanese tea set, For celebrations or seasonal greetings.

“Isashi-Cha” 4-selections

  • Isashi “Asatuyu”; Kagoshima-pref. leaf
  • Isashi “Yutakamidori”; Kagoshima-pref. leaf
  • Isashi “Yabukita”; Shizuoka-pref. leaf
  • Isashi “Okumidori”; Kagoshima-pref. leaf

For your convenience, delivered with two types.

  • Leaf 100g each pack x 2packages
  • Tea bag 3g x 7 packs x 4 packages (total 28 tea bags)

No photos available, we can deliver with 3-boxes or 3-baggage sets.
You can choose bottle color from green or red.

Filter in bottle

Product name : Heat-resistant glass material
Functional division : for boiled water
Heat proof temperature : 120degree C
Net content : around 750cc

Highly selected quality leaves “Isashi-Cha” series.